Sri K. Pattabhi Jois

Group & Individual classes
Sevilla, Spain
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I remember the first time I attended a yoga practice. It was in my home town after years abroad.
The teacher had a bald shiny head and bright teeth showing in a great smile.
I was curious.
After an hour and a half I felt like my heart was home again, back in its place.
I didn't even know it wasn't in its place before...

At this moment I knew teaching yoga is what I wanted to do, even though I had just graduated from communications studies.
There was no question about it.
I started practicing daily, and enrolled on a teacher training course to become a teacher of children.
Only after graduation, as I started teaching kids, did I realise that I wanted to broaden my teaching and also teach adults.
I then applied and was granted a scholarship for a Teacher Training course in Sivanada ashram in Kerla, India.
This course greatly deepened my relationship with the world of yoga, and also opened my never-ending affair with mother India.

On my return to Israel, my home land, I instantly went back to teaching, this time adults, mainly relying on the Sivanada tradition.
After a short while I found my most influential teacher, whom I stayed with for another teacher training course of three years,
this time of the Ashtanga tradition.

And so, learning from different teachers who came from different traditions in varies places around the world, combined with my love of travelling and my love of teaching, I now, after 14 years of teaching, have my own way of touching,
of making the world of yoga accessible to anyone who feels the desire in their heart.

Your first class is only 12€!
Your first class is 12€!
We have a loyal system of payment per month.
The price depends on your attendance:
*No previous experience needed
*Available for everyone over 16

4 Classes a month
6 Classes a month
8 Classes a month

Drop-in class
No commitment
Other activities by Nillyoga
We also offer:
~ one day special workshops
~ weekend retreats in Spain
~ Two weeks retreat in India.
Stay tuned here!
Coming next: Spring yoga retreat in Extremadura!
We will stay in the beautiful casa rural Camino Beturia for a weekend of practice, hiking, good company and relaxing.
Rooms for 2 or 3 with private bathroom and balcony.
Delicious vegetarian food, special practices in a beautiful new geodisic dome.
What People Say About Me
I would recommend Nilly to anyone - particularly those interested in a soulful, warm and profoundly human experience of yoga. Nilly's teaching feels based on her scientific knowledge, enriched with her own deep experiential learning and personal reflections. I have been on two of Nilly's wonderful retreats, and attend classes twice per week for the last few years, and always feel nourished, seen and more connected with myself after practice with Nilly. She teaches with humour and sensitivity, and has built a truly remarkable yoga community, which I am grateful to have been welcomed into.
Julia Doyle
Nilly brings so much of her heart and soul to her classes that no matter how you're feeling that day, you always feel safe and supported during your practice. I've never wanted to recommend a yoga teacher so strongly! But alongside her excellent knowledge of yoga, she also has a wonderful sense of humour. Her classes are a joy!
Amazing yoga experience with Nilly! Great sequences based on ashtanga practices, combining standing up and inverted positions, as well as breathing exercises. Perfect to start or end your day peacefully. Nilly also corrects us individually and pays attention to each student's needs, super recommended, my favorite teacher in town!!
Nilly teaches you not only to do YOGA but how to breathe and be in contact with your body, to trust more in yourself, to release the CONTROL, and be conscience of your body as never before.
She is a wonderful teacher
Amazing!! In her classes there is a wonderful energy, I love to practice yoga with Nilly, she is an authentic professional. Thanks!! :)
Nilly is a wonderful teacher! She's charming and professional. She's always motivating us and making constructive and sensitive correction. She also promotes and shares deep and inspiring reflections. In class you just have to BE because that's enough
Nilly has a wonderful spirit and I'm so glad I found her yoga classes in Seville. I tried quite a few other schools and she is definitely the best teacher that I met in Seville. Amazing work Nilly - thanks!

Nilly classes are amazing and she really helps you understand how yoga positions works and how you should approach the practice.

She really is a good teacher and the peace and warmth of the practices space really help you disconnect from the stress and connect with yourself.

Thank you, Nilly!

What you need to know before going to a yoga class
  • 1
    Are the classes you offer suitable for every skill level?
    Yes. Classes are suitable for everyone, with or without experience. I teach in a very methodical and elaborated way, which enable a beginner to fully understand what to do, and others to deepen their practice.
  • 2
    How long are classes?
    Classes are 90 minutes long, and include a short meditation session, Asana practice (yoga postures) and relaxation at the end.
  • 3
    What should I wear for a Yoga class?
    Most importantly you should feel comfortable! You're going to move and stretch and probably to sweat as well! Wear anything that you feel good moving around in.
  • 4
    Do you offer off-site workshops?
    Yes! We meet for occasional Saturday workshops in the studio.
    Yoga weekend retreat take place approximately every three months.
    Twice a year we go for a two week yoga retreat in India.
    For dates, go to FB page: nillyoga
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